How Does a Person Get Whiter Skin?

How Does a Person Get Whiter Skin?

Skin can be whitened by changing diet, avoiding sun exposure, using a variety of creams, food mixtures or even by applying certain chemicals directly to the skin. Skin-whitening processes work by reducing the amount of melanin in the skin.

Many people choose to lighten their skin to remove a tan, reduce the appearance of blemishes or skin discolorations or just to appear lighter. There are a variety of ways to lighten the skin, some natural and some not so natural.

Natural ways to lighten the skin

Certain food products work to naturally reduce the melanin in the skin and are completely safe to use. Lemon juice, tomato juice and milk can either be applied to the skin or made into a bath to soak the skin for a lightening effect.

Potato skins applied to specific areas of the skin help lighten dark spots or turning potato slices into a paste creates a natural whitening cream that can be applied to larger areas of the body.

Not-so-natural ways to lighten the skin

There are a variety of creams on the market that offer skin lightening properties. These creams contain bleach and are available over the counter or with a prescription for higher concentrated formulas. There are risks involved with using skin bleaching creams.