How Does a Person Treat Dark Underarms?

How Does a Person Treat Dark Underarms?

There are several methods of treating dark underarms, such as taking proper care of the skin and massaging ice cubes on the underarms. Treating dark arms is broadly divided into two categories: home natural remedies, such as the use of aloe vera, lemons or potatoes, and using creams that can lighten skin.

One of the causes of dark underarms is the accumulation of dead skin under the arms. Therefore, deep cleansing of the arm pits leads to exfoliation of the dead skin under the arms making the underarms lighter. Scrubs and exfoliates that contain lactic acid and glycolic acid should be used to remove these impurities.

Skin-lightening products that have some natural extracts and peptides should be used to lighten dark underarms. Scrubs should be used two times per week and, for faster results, a skin-lightening cream should be applied after scrubbing.

One of the natural ways of treating dark underarms is the use of cucumber slices. Cucumber has a lot of moisture and some skin-lightening ingredients that assist in repairing the skin and aid in making it fair.

Sandalwood and turmeric paste is another natural treatment that should be used for treating the underarms. The paste should be applied under the arms and left to dry after which it should be washed with warm water.