How Does a Person Make a Beard Grow?


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Encourage beard growth with a protein-rich diet, lots of biotin and plenty of sleep. A patchy beard can make men give up and shave early on, but with patience, a beard usually fills in.

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Growing a beard takes time and energy from the body. To encourage beard growth, the best options are to give the body plenty of rest, good food and vitamins. The body requires a diet high in protein to grow healthy hair, nails and muscles. Many men with slow-growing or patchy beards also take vitamins, including B vitamins and biotin. Biotin is a supplement containing vitamins B6, C and E. It can work well for the beard, but also encourages nails to grow and promotes hair growth all over the body. Be prepared to maintain an increase in hair all over. Some companies produce special vitamin mixes intended to help encourage beard and hair growth.

A low stress lifestyle and 8 hours of sleep a night are also essential for good growth. When the body is under stress or in poor health, hair growth can stop. Keep those whiskers coming by encouraging whole body health.

Regular exercise, especially doing squats, can further aid hair growth by keeping the body strong and causing the body to produce more testosterone.

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