How Does a Person Adjust the Band of a Bulova Caravelle Watch?

To adjust the band of a Bulova Caravelle watch, use two jeweler's screwdrivers, protective material and a clamp to remove the screws and make necessary adjustments. This is for Caravelle bands with a twin-screw assembly holding the links.

It is a three-step process to adjust a Bulova Caravelle watch band.

Step 1: Protect the band

Wrap the protective material around the Caravelle's band. Gently but securely fasten the covered part of the band in the clamp. The band should not move, but the clamp should not be so tight that it crushes the metal band.

Step 2: Remove the screws/

Turn the screwdrivers in opposite directions at the same time.

Step 3: Finish the adjustment.

Add or remove links as needed, then put the screws back in by turning the screwdrivers in the opposite of the original direction.