How Do You Permanently Remove Hair?

How Do You Permanently Remove Hair?

You can permanently remove hair using laser hair removal. The cost averages $235 per treatment, as of 2012, and 90 percent of patients report permanent hair loss after three to five sessions. In order to have laser hair removal, you must prepare for the treatment, protect your eyes and skin, undergo the treatment, and take precautionary measures after the treatment is complete.

  1. Prepare for treatment

    Do not wax or pluck hair for six weeks prior to the first treatment. Avoid excessive sunlight as sun exposure complicates the procedure.

  2. Protect the eyes and skin

    The technician will provide protective eye gear and will apply a cooling agent just before the laser session.

  3. Undergo treatment

    Lie still as a laser penetrates the skin, targeting the hair at the roots.

  4. Take precautionary measures

    Following treatment, apply ice packs or anti-inflammatory cream to ward off any discomfort. Wear sunscreen to protect the skin from temporary changes due to sun sensitivity in the affected area. Wait four to six weeks before undergoing any follow-up treatment.