How Do You Get Permanent Marker Off the Skin?


Multiple items help remove permanent marker from the skin, including petroleum jelly, oil, baby lotion, shaving cream and hairspray. Try different items until the marker is completely removed.

  1. Use petroleum jelly

    Scoop a small amount of petroleum jelly on your fingertips and rub it onto the marks on the skin. Wash the skin clean with warm water and mild soap.

  2. Use a cotton ball and baby oil

    Remove the cap from a bottle of baby oil, and dip a cotton ball into the oil. Rub it on the permanent marker spots on the skin. For marks underneath the fingernails, use an old toothbrush dipped in the oil.

  3. Try shaving cream

    Spread shaving cream on the marks on the skin. This sometimes take a while, so if you are trying to remove permanent marker from a small child's skin, put shaving cream on a tray and let her play with it until the marks are gone.

  4. Use hairspray

    Cover the palms of your hands with hairspray, and rub them on the skin that has permanent marker stains. Be careful not to get hairspray in your eyes. Wash the area thoroughly, then wash your hands before touching anything else.