What Are Permanent Hair Straightening Products?


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There are a few choices of products that permanently straighten hair. The best one depends on the texture of the hair. There are thermal reconditioning (also known as Japanese straightening) products and hair relaxers.

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One point to take into consideration is how straight the individual wants the hair to be. There are products out there that can loosen the texture. An example of this is the texturizer that is used on African American hair. This product loosens the texture of the kinkier hair type without removing it completely. Japanese straightening products, like all hair straightening products, break the bond of the hair down. The hair is then rinsed, blow-dried and styled with a flat iron. A neutralizer is applied to the hair, which forces the hair to stay in that state. The first time the process is done, it can take up to eight hours. After the first time, the process time is reduced to three hours. Within the first three days of getting the first treatment, it is important that the person does not get the hair wet or style it. A hair relaxer is used for kinkier hair textures. The cream is applied to the hair and left on the hair for 20 minutes. The solution is rinsed, and then a neutralizer is applied.

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