What Is the Best Permanent Hair Removal?


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While there are many solutions for temporary hair removal, the only permanent hair removal option is electrolysis. Electrolysis is the removal of hair roots by the application of heat, using an electric current, which is forced into the hair follicle with a small needle.

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Electrolysis works best on small areas, such as the chin or upper lip. This is because it is a somewhat painful and arduous process. The patient needs to return for treatments every one to two weeks until all follicles in the desired area have been destroyed. In most cases, once the follicle has been destroyed, it is impossible for hair to return to the area.

For those looking to see permanent hair reduction in larger areas, laser hair removal may be a more realistic option. In laser hair removal, the roots are destroyed using strong beams of light. Laser treatments work best on those with dark hair and light skin, as the beams of light seek out dark hair. Therefore, those with blond or white hair may not see satisfactory results. Laser treatments require between six to 12 sessions to take effect, and once the treatment is successful, most people need to return every six to 12 months for touch-up sessions.

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