How Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions Applied?


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Beauty technicians apply permanent eyelash extensions by adding one synthetic lash extension to each individual eyelash. They use a medical-grade glue to ensure that the synthetic lashes firmly adhere to existing lashes.

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How Are Permanent Eyelash Extensions Applied?
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The medical-grade adhesive is designed to be gentle on the sensitive eye area, so the synthetic eyelashes adhere without causing pain or discomfort. The beautician applies the lashes while the eyes are closed to avoid eye contact and skin irritation. Because each extension is attached to an existing eyelash, the extension falls out along with the eyelash when it sheds naturally. To maintain the full look that the extensions provide, beauticians suggest getting a refill every three weeks.

The initial process of getting eyelash extensions takes about 90 minutes, but the refills can be applied in less than half the time. After application, the extensions must remain dry for 24 to 48 hours to prevent them from clumping together. To prevent the extensions from losing their shape over time, it is recommended that the extensions are reshaped after showering with a small comb or with a blow dryer on a cool setting. If the eyelash extensions are no longer wanted, they can be removed by a professional beauty technician.

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