What Are the Perks of the Japanese Hair Straightening Process?


Japanese hair straightening is a long-lasting process that leaves hair pin straight and shiny. The benefits of this treatment include its permanence and increased hair health.

The Japanese hair straightening process uses chemicals and heat to permanently straighten curly, frizzy or wavy hair. During the procedure, the bonds of the hair are softened and reformed into a straight pattern. Hair is left straight, silky and healthy.

The entire process takes three to four hours. The first step is a consultation. It is important for clients to divulge information about their hair care history, since Japanese hair straightening should not be performed on hair that has undergone recent chemical treatment.

After the consultation, a client's hair is shampooed and blow dried. Then the activator is applied and left to sit for an extended period of time. The activator is rinsed from the hair. Next, blow drying and flat ironing ensures straight and silky locks. Neutralizer is applied to the hair, and it is rinsed and conditioned afterwards. The hair is then blow dried and flat ironed one last time. This process results in nearly permanently straight hair, but touch ups may be needed every four to six months to correct new growth.