What Are Some Perfume Wholesale Distributors?


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There are many perfume wholesalers and wholesale distributors, including online distribution warehouses and ordering catalogs, such as Wholesale Fashion Square, Fragrance Shop Wholesale and Fragrance Net. These businesses provide buyers with a good venue to buy large batches of perfume, cologne and other scent products in order to stock their shelves or else simply to build a backlog of scents for personal use.

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Wholesale Fashion Square maintains a large catalog of fashions, scents and accessories, among many other products. They provide bulk ordering services for all kinds of fashion and fashion-adjacent goods needed to stock many different types of boutiques and stores.

Fragrance Shop Wholesale is dedicated specifically to perfumes sold in bulk and at wholesale rates. The site also provides wholesale prices and shipping options for oils, miniatures and many other skin and facial care products intended for use in modern beauty regimens. This makes them a good place for beauty shops with a focus on oils and creams to order supplies.

Fragrance Net provides buyers with a large selection of aromatherapy, hair care and skin care products alongside their huge inventory of scents and perfumes. They also maintain a list of boutiques where their goods and product lines can be ordered.

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