What Perfume Scents Do Men Typically Like on Women?


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Perfumes based on musk, an odor traditionally taken from a male musk deer, are the most universally regarded as alluring. This is due to musk's perceived "animal" undertone. Scent interpretation is subjective, and heavily tied to memory; specific scents do not possess inherent traits that invoke universal responses when smelled.

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The perfume scent that invokes a romantic feeling in one man can easily result in little response from another. Because every man's memories are different, the associations they make with scents are also different.

While the effects specific scents have on people in general are far from objective, humans are heavily influenced by scents. The olfactory lobe, the part of the brain that processes scent, is part of the limbic system, a complex system of networks in the human brain that is responsible for instinct and mood. The limbic system controls the animal drives of sex, dominance, hunger and parental care, as well as the basic human emotions of fear, anger and pleasure. It also controls long-term memory. This suggests that the tendency for humans to be emotionally or sexually influenced by scent transcends mere placebo effects.

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