Does Perfume Expire?


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Perfumes expire and lose their potency over time. Once opened, a perfume can last a year or longer, sometimes even as long as three to five years. This length of time depends on how the scent is stored and its chemical composition.

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Does Perfume Expire?
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Although perfume does not display an expiration date, by noting changes in the scent and color of the perfume, it's possible to know if it's still wearable. To lengthen a perfume's shelf life, it should be stored in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, heat and humidity.

For some, a 50-year-old perfume can still retain its attractive smell. The expiration date of a perfume varies drastically. In fact, a jar of perfume found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun still remained radiantly fragrant after thousands of years, according to Tour Egypt.

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