How Do You Perform a Fade Haircut?

To cut a fade haircut, start with a long attachment and the blade open to buzz the top, then switch to blade closed for the blending. Continue alternating shorter attachments and the blade open or closed until the haircut is complete. Finish by edging the perimeter.

  1. Comb out the hair

    Run a brush or comb over the entire head of hair.

  2. Cut the top

    Using the longest clipper attachment and the clipper blade in the open position, cut the top of the hair. Put the clipper blade in the closed position, which decreases the length by 1/8 of an inch. Run this over the corners.

  3. Cut the sides and back

    Attach the next clipper attachment down, and open the blade. Run this over the entire sides and back.

  4. Start the fade

    Still with the second clipper attachment, close the blade. Clipper around the widest part of the head. Switch to the next attachment down, open the blade, and clipper down lower all the way around the head.

  5. Finish the sides

    Close the clipper blade, and buzz from just above the ears in a level circle all the way around the head.

  6. Finish the back

    Attach the next guard, and open the blade. Buzz up from the nape to the last clippered part, scooping up and out slightly as you reach that point. Close the blade, and repeat this step. Remove the attachment and open the blade. Very carefully buzz up from the nape to the last clipped part, scooping up and out.

  7. Edge the haircut

    Use edge trippers to create a straight line at the sideburns, around the ears and across the nape. If desired, create a line across the forehead and temples.