How Do You Get a Perfect Tan From a Tanning Bed?

perfect-tan-tanning-bed Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Getting the perfect tan from a tanning bed requires a combination of preparation, building a base tan and maintaining the tan, according to Tanning Tips. With the right skin care products and the right tanning bed, almost anyone can achieve a golden glow.

Tanning starts before the tanning bed. Prepare for a tanning session by using an exfoliator to remove all dead skin cells. Then moisturize to protect the health of the skin. Make sure to apply a large quantity of lotion to areas with particularly sensitive skin. Always bring a pair of goggles to the tanning bed to protect the eyes.

Tanning beginners will have to build a base tan before they can achieve the perfect bronze hue. Building a base tan helps people avoid getting burned. To achieve a solid base tan, go to the tanning salon several times a week for short intervals. Because everyone has different skin, it takes everyone a different amount of time to successfully build a base tan. Some individuals might have a solid foundation after several short sessions; other people might take weeks to build a golden glow.

Once the base tan is achieved, maintenance is relatively easy. Go to the tanning salon approximately twice a week. This should keep the golden glow going strong.