How Do You Do Perfect Eyebrows?

Achieve the perfect set of eyebrows by using tools such as tweezers, brow scissors, brow pencils, brow gels, and eye shadows to shape the brows to frame the face. You also need a concealer one to two shades lighter than your complexion and a angled brush.

  1. Shape the brows

    The perfect eyebrows should begin approximately 1 inch above the inner corners of your eyes, and the tails should end at the outer corners of the eyes. Begin by tweezing any hairs that stray outside of these boundaries. If you don't have a natural arch in your brow, create one by plucking the lower hairs about three-quarters of the way in from the inner eye.

  2. Fill in the brows

    Take a eye shadow or a eye pencil the same shade as your brow hairs, and begin to fill in sparse areas lightly to achieve a more dense and uniform look. This should be done gently to avoid creating harsh lines and to mimic the look of hair. Keep in mind that the natural eyebrow begins with a lesser amount of hair and gets thicker towards the tail end. Start lighter in the front, and gradually darken the brow towards the end for the most authentic look.

  3. Clean the brows

    Use a small angled cosmetic brush along with a concealer one to two shades lighter than your complexion to outline the bottom of the eyebrow. Don't get the concealer on the brow. Outline the top of the brow precisely, and blend the concealer in a outward motion away from the brows and into the skin.