How Do You Get the Perfect Eyebrows?

How Do You Get the Perfect Eyebrows?

To get perfect eyebrows you need tweezers, a mirror and steady hands. Carefully pluck errant hairs that are outside of your desired eyebrow shape.

  1. Find the beginning of your eyebrow

    Holding the tweezers upright, and align them with the side of your nose. Make a small mark with an eyebrow pencil to indicate the start of your eyebrow. Repeat on the other side.

  2. Pluck the hair between the two marks

    Ensure that you pluck every hair between these two marks. Lay the tweezers flatly on your brow, and gently close them around the hair.

  3. Find the end of your eyebrow

    Lay the tweezers diagonally along your cheek at just the edge of your eye. Where the tweezers intersect with your eyebrow is where the next mark is placed.

  4. Pluck hairs past the second mark

    Using the same delicacy as plucking the hairs between the eyes, remove any and all hair that is growing past the mark at the end.

  5. Draw a line to guide your eyebrow's thickness

    Starting at the thickest point in your brow trace a line following its natural curves. Don't try to impose an unnatural curve.

  6. Pluck your under-brow

    Following your previous mark, gently pluck away hairs below it. After plucking under the brow, you can add your arch. Starting at the beginning keep the thickness between a quarter inch or half inch at the thickest. As your reach the middle, pluck more to create a taper. The end should be the thinnest part of the brow.