How Do You Do Peek-a-Boo Highlights?

To create peek-a-boo highlights, select the target color and desired location. Section off the hair, and highlight it using the foil technique, making sure to locate the colored strands away from hair partings.

  1. Select the color

    Peek-a-boo highlights can be any color from blond to vibrant hues, so select the target color. If lightening more than four shades, choose hair bleach.

  2. Select the location

    Peek-a-boo highlights are often placed at the bangs, but they can go anywhere that is not visible until the hair moves. For that reason, locate the strands away from the hair's part.

  3. Section the hair

    Once you've selected the location, separate the whole section away from the rest of the hair. Clip out of the way any hair that is not getting highlighted. If all the hair under the top layer is getting highlighted, divide the hair into four even sections.

  4. Prepare the color and foil

    Cut strips of foil longer and wider than the hair strands getting highlighted. Mix the color according to the manufacturer's instructions. Clip an old towel around the shoulders to protect the clothes.

  5. Start applying the hair color

    Use a rat-tail comb to separate 1 inch of hair near the part. Clip this hair out of the way since it isn't getting colored. Lift up a 1/4-inch section, and place it flat on the foil. Apply the hair color, and fold the foil over the strand.

  6. Apply hair color to all the strands

    Continue separating the hair and applying color, covering it with foil. Leave at least 1/2 inch between highlighted strands.

  7. Process and rinse

    Process the hair color according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the foils, and rinse until the water runs clear.