What Are Some Patterns for Chemo Scarves?

What Are Some Patterns for Chemo Scarves?

The triangle scarf from BrimmingWithLove.com is one example of a pattern for a chemo scarf, while the chemo cap-scarf from DaydreamBelieversDesigns.com is another. Many patterns are for chemo caps or beanies.

The triangle scarf is a simple pattern consisting of a fabric triangle with 27-inch sides. To complete the scarf, roll the edges using a 3/8-inch double hemming. Stitch the hem in place.

The chemo cap-scarf consists of two pieces -- a band and the scarf. The band is 18-inch by 4-inch for a child and 21-inch by 6-inch for an adult. The scarf is 33-inch by 10-inch for the child and 44-inch by 12-inch for the adult.

To make the chemo cap-scarf, roll and stitch the edges of the scarf piece. Create a tube out of the band by sewing the short ends together with the right sides touching. Invert the tube, and sew it shut.

Place the band in the center of one of the long ends of the scarf. Sew this in place. Pull the far end of the scarf to the other side of the band, and sew in place.

Other examples of patterns for chemo scarves include a fleece chemo cap, chemotherapy turbans, a cuffed hat and an easy fleece beanie. The snood is another pattern that is appropriate for use as a chemo cap.