What Are the Parts of a Football Uniform?

A standard football uniform consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, thigh pads, knee pads, socks and cleats. The size and shape of helmets and padding vary sometimes according to the position a player has on the football field.

The jersey number varies according to the position that the player is in, as well. Quarterbacks and kickers wear jersey numbers from one to 19. Running backs and defensive backs wear jersey numbers from 20 to 49. Linebacker jerseys tend to have numbers either from 50 to 59 or from 90 to 99. Offensive linemen wear numbers from 50 to 79. Defensive linemen wear numbers either from 60 to 79 or from 90 to 99. Receivers wear jersey numbers either from 10 to 19 or from 80 to 89. The back of jerseys also have the player's surname written in letters two and a half inches high right above their number.

Football helmets are composed of certain parts. The chin straps help keep the helmet from falling off. Helmets also have air-filled interior pockets designed to protect the skull from being damaged. Face masks are attached to the fronts of the helmet to protect the face from collisions. Players also wear shoulder and thigh pads to protect their limbs from injury. Football players also wear cleats to give them better grip of the ground when they play.