Why Is Paris the Capital of Fashion?

paris-capital-fashion Credit: Michel Dufour / Contributor/WireImage/Getty Images

Paris is the capital of fashion because the French were the first nation to make fashion into an industry. In addition, it was in France that fashion was first recognized because of the luxurious tastes of the French monarchy.

The first link between France and style came from the court of Louis XIV. This king made it a point to be the first to have or experience all beautiful things, so his court was a collection of all things opulent, including luxury goods and clothing. In addition, the king used fashion as a way to cover up his own deficiencies. When Louis XIV was going bald, he wore increasingly outlandish wigs, which started a trend among the nobles of wearing large curled wigs.

In the 1670s, the fashion press was invented to give French trends increased coverage. The press reported on changing trends and also invented new ideas, such as the concept of fashion seasons.

When the French monarchy eventually lost its power, the bourgeoisie gained the power as consumers of the fashion industry. At this point, Charles Frederick Worth became the first couturier, or designer for fashion, and the fashion industry began to look similar to the one that exists today.