Why Do Painters Wear White Clothing?

painters-wear-white-clothing Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

Many opinions exist as to why painters commonly wear white. Some believe it is a sign of professionalism, whereas others see it as a sign of cleanliness, and others still think it is to make it easier to work outdoors.

People have different viewpoints on why painters where white in their jobs. Michelle Garner of Harry C. Garner Contractor, Inc. outlines some of these ideas. A common theory is that painters wear white because it looks more professional than wearing other colors. In addition, white is the best repellent against the hot sun when working outdoors. Another idea is that painters in the 20th century wore white to distinguish themselves from nonunion workers. Yet another is that white is a symbol of cleanliness. Some other ideas about painters' clothing are creative, such as "the good guys always wear white," "painters wear white because the more paint colors that are on your clothing, the harder you have worked," and "doctors are required to wear scrubs, and painters are required to wear white painter's pants or overalls."