How Do You Paint Your Nails Perfectly?

How Do You Paint Your Nails Perfectly?

To paint your nails perfectly, use a base coat and a top coat, and apply the polish with only three strokes. Place a dot of polish on the nail, and swipe the brush from the base to the tip on the left, the right and down the center.

  1. Apply a base coat

    Brush on a base coat, and allow it to dry. The base coat protects the nails and helps the nail polish adhere, which makes the manicure last longer.

  2. Brush on the polish

    Once the base coat is dry, apply a dot of nail polish onto the nail. Starting from the base of the nail and moving towards the tip, swipe the nail polish on the left side, then the right side and finally down the center of the nail. If multiple coats are needed, apply the nail polish in three thin layers as opposed to two thicker ones, which take longer to dry.

  3. Correct any mistakes

    If you make any mistakes, dip a lip brush into nail polish remover and brush it around the edges to remove any polish.

  4. Apply a top coat

    Use a top coat to add shine and further prolong the life of the manicure. Apply some of the top coat to the very tip of the nail to prevent chipping.