How Do You Paint Your Nails With Leopard Prints?

How Do You Paint Your Nails With Leopard Prints?

How Do You Paint Your Nails With Leopard Prints?

To paint your nails with a leopard print, you need to apply a base coat, draw spots on top of the base and outline each spot with short, curved lines. Begin with clean nails. Three colors of nail polish and a topcoat are needed to paint a leopard print design.

  1. Prepare your nails for your manicure

    Remove any remaining polish. Then, soak your fingertips in warm water. You should also trim your nails. Remove any traces of dirt, oil or water, as these can affect the quality and durability of your manicure.

  2. Choose a color scheme

    Pick out three colors, including a base coat, a feature color for the spots, and an outline color. You can do many different color schemes for your leopard prints. Try the traditional beige, gold, and black combination or a funkier lavender, purple, and black combination.

  3. Apply your base coat

    Paint your nails with the base coat of your choice. Apply at least two coats to ensure even coverage. Let the coats dry completely.

  4. Draw the leopard spots

    Draw blobs all over your nails. Keep them around the same size, but with different shapes. Let the spots dry completely.

  5. Outline the spots

    Paint broken outlines around each spot, and do not cover the spot entirely. A good technique is to draw u's and c's around the spots. Use a skinny paint brush or a nail-art pen for a sharper result. Let the outlines dry completely.

  6. Add a topcoat

    Apply a clear topcoat to prevent your design from getting scratched or scraped.