How Do You Paint Lion Faces?

paint-lion-faces Credit: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Cultura/Getty Images

According to Made For Mums, painting a lion face on a child requires white, yellow, brown and black face paint, as well as sponges and a fine paint brush. A lion face design can be accomplished in four basic steps.

The first step in painting a lion face is to sponge white paint over each eye, completely covering the eyebrows and the entire eyelid. Also sponge white paint from below the nose all the way down to the chin, covering the entire mouth.

Sponge yellow paint over the rest of the child's face, including the forehead, cheeks and nose. Do not overlap the white patches.

Still using the sponge, dab brown paint all around the edges of the face, blending it well with the yellow paint.

The final step is to add the whiskers, mane and other facial highlights using black paint and a paintbrush. Add dramatic black eyebrows, arching upward from the nose. Draw whiskers at the outside edges of the bottom of the nose, as well as emanating from the top of the lip. Paint the edges of the nostrils black to create the lion's nose, and add a few spots above the upper lip. Finally, paint little black stripes all around the rim of the face to create the lion's mane.