How Do You Pack Wrinkle-Free Clothes?


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To pack wrinkle-free clothes for a trip, use the bundle wrap method. Layer the clothing in a specific order, and wrap to avoid creases. Unpack your clothes promptly upon arrival, and hang the garments in a closet.

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Begin by wrapping underwear and socks in a T-shirt to create a core. Lay out a jacket collar-side down, and place a long-sleeved shirt collar-side up on top of the jacket so that the collars of both items touch. Proceed to lay additional shirts on the vertical and pants on the horizontal.

The ideal order for layering is jackets, longer skirts, dresses, long-sleeved shirts and then short-sleeved shirts. Continue by adding pants, sweaters, knits, shorts and finally T-shirts. Place the core in the center of the bundle. Wrap the clothing, shirt sleeves first, around the core, and smooth throughout the process. Secure the finished bundle in a suitcase.

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