How Do You Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?

How Do You Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?

Before you pack a suitcase, choose clothes that match the weather at your destination, and pick items that fit together well. Organize these items thoroughly before placing clothes in the suitcase.

  1. Pack your shoes

    Pack socks and underwear into your shoes, inserting them as deeply as possible. Lay your shoes on the floor of the suitcase, lining them around the outside. Pack bulkier items such as blow dryers or toiletry bags on this layer.

  2. Pack heavier rolled items

    Roll jeans, sweaters and other knitted garments. If there is room, place these items on the floor of the suitcase. If not, place the rolled items on top of the shoes.

  3. Pack lighter folded items

    Fold shirts and dress clothes carefully to minimize wrinkles during transit. Place the folded clothes on top of the shoe layer if there is room. Place extra folded clothes on top of the rolled items.

  4. Tuck the small items

    Tuck any remaining socks and underwear into the corners of the suitcase and around the stacks of larger items. Do the same with belts and other accessories. If your toiletry bag opens flat, lay it open on top of the final layer. Close and zip the suitcase lid.