How Do You Pack a Suitcase?

How Do You Pack a Suitcase?

To pack a suitcase, fasten all zips, buttons and hooks, and fold the garments in sets. Put folded sets in separate dry cleaning bags, and lay them in the suitcase, beginning with the heaviest clothing, to the lightest. Avoid overpacking or underpacking the suitcase to keep away wrinkles.

  1. Fasten and fold pants

    Spread out the pants you are packing and fasten all the hooks, buttons and zippers to prevent wrinkles. Fold a pair of pants lengthwise, and lay it on a flat surface. Fold the remaining pairs in a similar way, and lay them over the first folded pair, one by one. Fold the whole heap over once, and place it in a dry cleaning bag.

  2. Fasten and roll your shirts

    Fasten the buttons of your shirts, and lay the shirts on top of each other. Fold the arms of the entire set across the middle, and roll the set. Place the shirts in another dry cleaning bag.

  3. Place all items of clothing in the suitcase

    Lay the heaviest clothes, such as suits and jackets on the bottom. Lay the sweaters and light jackets, then lightweight garments, such as shirts and blouses. Fold and insert socks in shoes, then place the shoes in a polythene bag so they don't soil the clothes. Lay the shoes along the suitcase side. Finally, asses the suitcase, and remove excess items or add additional items as needed to bring the suitcase to a snug level in order to prevent wrinkles.