How Do You Pack a Suit?

How Do You Pack a Suit?

Packing a suit involves laying the folded suit on top of other clothes in the suitcase. The suit jacket rests between the legs and the waist of the pants. You need a suitcase, other clothes, rolled socks and a flat surface to complete this task.

  1. Pack other clothes in the suitcase

    Fill your suitcase with other cloth items until it is 3/4 full. Ensure that the clothes are evenly laid so they form a flat surface on top. Do not pack your socks.

  2. Lay out the pants

    Lay the pants on a flat surface, and fold them at the seams. Lay them over other clothes in the suitcase so that the waist of the pants is at one end of the suitcase, and the legs hang down over the side of the suitcase at the opposite end.

  3. Fold and lay the suit jacket

    Turn the suit jacket inside out, and lay it on a flat surface. Insert one shoulder of the jacket into the other. Roll your socks, and insert them into the shoulders of the suit jacket to prevent the shoulders from crushing. Straighten the lapels, and lay the jacket on top of the pants. Fold the hanging pant legs back into the suitcase and over the jacket, then close the suitcase.