How Do You Pack Dress Shirts?

How Do You Pack Dress Shirts?

How Do You Pack Dress Shirts?

Pack a dress shirt by preparing the shirt to be folded, carefully folding the shirt along straight lines, and properly packing it in a suitcase. Other ways to pack dress shirts include rolling and bundling them, although these methods may cause wrinkles to form during travel.

  1. Prepare the shirt to be folded

    Begin with a wrinkle-free dress shirt. Button the shirt and the cuffs, and lay it on a flat, clean surface with the front facing down. Choose a hard surface, as it can be difficult to smooth the fabric on a bed.

  2. Fold the sides of the shirt

    Pinch the top of the shirt halfway between the collar and shoulder, and pinch the same spot on the bottom of the shirt with your other hand. Pull these points taut, and fold the shirt inward on this fold line. Fold the sleeve parallel to the shirt length. Ensure that no wrinkles have formed. Repeat these steps on the other side of the shirt. Fold the lower hem of the shirt up to the bottom of the collar.

  3. Pack the garment

    Multiple shirts of the same size and shape can all be folded as one, which soften the crease lines. Lining the suitcase with a plastic garbage bag can also help prevent wrinkles. Use straps in the suitcase to keep the shirts from moving and losing their folds during travel.