What Are Some Overnight Home Remedies for Acne?

Some home remedies that may treat acne overnight include clay masks, essential oils, masks made with cinnamon and honey, and egg white masks, according to Crunchy Betty. Toothpaste also may effectively treat acne overnight, claims Style Craze. As with all home remedies, be wary of allergic reactions and skin sensitivities.

A teaspoon of cosmetic clay mixed with enough distilled water to form a paste and applied to the blemished skin is an effective acne treatment, says Crunchy Betty. The clay dries the blemish out and may cause it to disappear overnight. Essential oils applied to the blemish may effectively diminish pimples. Cinnamon and honey mixed together to form a paste can help to clear pimples. Egg whites, separated from the yolk and whipped slightly, also form an acne treatment. Any of these methods can be applied to blemishes, left overnight and washed off gently in the morning.

Toothpaste may provide a simple, commonly available acne treatment. A dot of toothpaste applied to the acne-ridden skin is left on overnight and washed gently off with cold water in the morning, says Style Craze. Different toothpastes make differently effective acne creams. An appropriate toothpaste should have a low fluoride content and all-natural ingredients. Toothpaste may cause rashes in some individuals.