What Are Some Over-60 Hairstyles?


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Some over-60 hairstyles include the pixie cut, the cropped bob and the lob, which is short for "long bob." Other over-60 hairstyles include center-parted bangs and mid-length with a heavy side sweep.

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A pixie cut is a good hairstyle for women over 60 because it is easy to care for and highlights the face. A soft cut that is longer around the ears and has wisps around the neck and forehead creates a flattering appearance. This haircut works best for those who have straight textured hair. The upkeep for this style requires the use of pomades and waxes.

The cropped bob is another flattering hairstyle for women over 60 as it makes the wearer look more youthful. This cut extends to just below the jaw, and choppy layers add fullness to the hair. For those with a round face, experts recommend keeping layers on the long side.

The lob is a great over-60 hairstyle that comes in many different variations. One of these is called the shaggy lob, which consists of hair cut just above the shoulders with long, shaggy layers along the sides and back. This hairstyle is ideal for those with thick, curly or unruly hair as it doesn't require much upkeep or styling.

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