What Is Ovation Hair Therapy?


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Ovation Cell Therapy Hair Treatment is a hair product developed by DC Labs that aims to nourish the hair and scalp with proteins and amino acids, as explained on its official website. These proteins and amino acids get absorbed into the hair shaft to produce thicker, stronger and longer hair.

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The Ovation website states that Ovation Cell Therapy Hair Treatment contains biotinyl-GHK, oleanolic acid and apigenin, among other ingredients. Biotinyl-GHK provides vitamin H and prevents skin problems, such as alopecia and thinning of hair, by strengthening the hair growth cycle. Oleanolic acid is an anti-androgenic compound extracted from olive leaves that helps prevent hair loss. Apigenin is a flavonoid taken from citrus that promotes blood flow in the capillary vessels.

The Ovation site recommends the use of Ovation Cell Therapy two to three times each week for routine therapy treatment. For leave-in therapy treatment, the hair product is massaged directly on the scalp and left for one to two hours or overnight. The treatment must be used three times a week or twice between washes to maintain proper balance of hair protein.

Using Ovation Cell Therapy along with other hair products that contain protein is not recommended, as it can result in overexposure to protein.

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