Why Are Ovation Hair Products Considered a Scam?


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Ovation hair products are not Food and Drug Administration approved, as of 2015, which makes their claims questionable. With no rave reviews online, many customers appear dissatisfied with the therapy following the unfulfilled hype and adverse side effects, as expressed by Live and Feel.

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Why Are Ovation Hair Products Considered a Scam?
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Ovation hair therapy promises accelerated, strengthened and rejuvenated hair growth, reduction of hair breakage and nourishment of the scalp and hair. The shampoo is supposed to clean the hair but retain the essential oils that keep the hair growing healthy and shiny. Ovation hair shampoo allegedly strips the hair off its natural oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage.

Reviews claim that completion of the Ovation regimen involving the shampoo, cell therapy and cream rinse leaves the hair tangled and difficult to manage. The roughness of the wet hair makes it hard and tough to brush. Most of the split hair falls on the drain and the comb. An attempt to detangle the locks leads to more hair loss.

Reviews from its users indicate that the products’ positive results are only short-lived, followed by long runs of unpleasant outcomes. There are doubts whether Ovation hair products improve hair growth, since numerous users do not notice any improvement in their hair length. Complaints to the company have left dissatisfied users confused, as no care or remedy is forthcoming, according to Stemcellbaldnesscures.com.

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