How Do You Find Outlets for Victoria Secret Body Lotions?

How Do You Find Outlets for Victoria Secret Body Lotions?

To find outlets for Victoria's Secret’s body lotions, click Find a Store at the bottom of the homepage on the company’s website, and then click View All Stores under the top menu on the second page. Alternatively, while on this second page (named Store Locator), use the Google Map feature below the top menu to find a store nearby. Alternatively, provide a city or ZIP code in the search field on the page, and click Search.

Victoria's Secret’s mainstream outlets sell the company’s body lotions. Numerous other outlets that are not owned by the retailer sell most of its products, including body lotions. Victoria's Secret has about 1,060 outlets in the United States as of 2015.

The easiest way to find outlets for Victoria's Secret’s body lotions is to use the retailer’s website. The website has a list of all the company's stores organized by state. To view this list, click View All Stores at the top of the Web page called Store Locator in the URL bar. To access a list of Victoria's Secret’s stores in other countries, change the location at the top of this page.

The website also offers two other features to assist in finding a store. The Google Map feature on the Store Locator page allows you to find an outlet. This feature also offers directions to the stores. Another feature, a search function, allows you to locate a store using different search terms, including city and state names or ZIP codes.

Victoria's Secret also offers both online and offline support to help you find an outlet for its products.