How Do You Find Out How Much Your Watch Is Worth?

To find out the value of your watch, go to a professional watch appraiser and look through completed auctions at auction houses. Also, determine the period of make, condition and brand of the watch and browse through the price guides for watches online

A professional watch appraiser may operate out of a well-known watch or antique store. These expertsdetermine the worth of the watch based on its brand, condition, rarity, material and movement and provide an appraisal certificate.

A watch that comes from a well-known brand associated with luxury, precision and excellent performance and is one among the limited special edition watches commands higher value than others. Swiss watches with mechanical movement hold a greater value than those with quartz movement.

Additionally, a watch with excellent movement and in superb condition overall is worth more than watches that have not been serviced and cleaned regularly. Also, watches made of different materials such as platinum, gold, steel and two-tone command different prices.

Watch price guides on the Internet compare watch brands and provide price guides for new, pre-owned and vintage timepieces. Completed auctions at auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's and those on eBay let you know the paid price range for a similar watch. Auction houses also offer catalogues at a charge that give you an idea of the price the watch commands.