How Do You Find Out If a Jail Inmate Has Been Released?

Contacting the jail directly is the easiest way to check if a jail inmate has been released. You can get the status of an inmate online from many county and local jails, or you can call the jail where the inmate was incarcerated to determine if he has been released.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has an online look-up system where you can search for an inmate by name, as of 2015. This look-up feature list includes all inmates released from the Orange County Jail within the past 30 days.

You can check whether an inmate has been released from the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County by calling the telephone number listed on its website, as of 2015. This number can be called at any time, but to get the release status of an inmate, you must have the inmate’s name and Person File Number or date of birth.

The Houston Police Jail Division also has an online look-up, as of 2015. This system lets you search for inmates using a partial last name if you do not have the full one. The system is updated hourly and covers both the Central Jail and Southeast Jail in Houston, Texas.