What Is the Origin of Brass Plum?

What Is the Origin of Brass Plum?

While no explanation for the brand name of Brass Plum can be found online, the tag is a well-known woman's junior brand at Nordstrom. The clothing brand features casual styles of jeans, pants and shirts as well as flirty short skirts and evening dresses and gowns. A fitting guide for Brass Plum dresses is provided on the Nordstrom site.

Stylists on the Nordstrom website advise that teens choose Brass Plum dresses based on their body shapes. For example, "Apple" shaped women have a thicker waist. Therefore, styles for Apple-shaped teens should draw the eyes upward towards the neck.

Pear shapes can also benefit from the same kinds of dresses. A-line designs, open necklines and strapless styles all direct the eyes up and away from the lower part of the body. Darker colors camouflage the hip area too.

For teen women who have fewer curves or a "straight" body shape, clingy dresses are a good style pick. A-line styles and embroidered necklines enhance the shapes of women with polyester fabrics.Dresses that reveal more of a woman's curves are a good style alternative.

Most Brass Plum dress styles on the Nordstrom website feature loose and flowing designs that de-emphasize the hips or a too-thick waist. Skater style dresses and open necks are made with wrinkle-free polyester materials.