How Do You Organize Jewelry?

How Do You Organize Jewelry?

To organize your jewelry, separate out your fine jewelry, and secure the pieces in a locking jewelry box. Select several pretty pieces of costume jewelry for a wall display, and organize the rest in a large jewelry box.

  1. Classify the jewelry

    Classify your jewelry as fine pieces, or those made out of precious and semiprecious materials, and costume jewelry.

  2. Secure the fine pieces

    Use a locking jewelry box to store fine pieces of jewelry. Hang necklaces and bracelets from the hooks. Slide rings into ring slots. Place earrings in the given spaces according to size. Lock any expensive pieces in a safe.

  3. Select pretty costume jewelry

    Select pieces of costume jewelry that match your bedroom decor or that are particularly pretty. Consider color, shape and size when making this determination. Set these pieces aside.

  4. Separate costume jewelry

    Select a method of further classifying your costume jewelry, either according to color, type or outfit. Separate your pieces according to this system.

  5. Place jewelry in a jewelry box

    Place your costume jewelry in a large jewelry box according to your chosen classification method. Keep earring backs in a separate section to make them easy to find.

  6. Make displays out of pretty pieces

    Use the pretty pieces of costume jewelry you set aside to make displays. Hang a shadow box on the wall near your jewelry box, and install enough hooks for your chosen pieces. Hang the jewelry in this box. Alternatively, drape them from key hooks attached to the wall.