What Are Some Organic Hair Coloring Dyes?


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Some organic hair coloring dyes include Morocco Method henna dyes, Rainbow henna dyes, and Light Mountain, all of which contain pure botanicals. Good Housekeeping recommends all of these hair dyes.

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Morocco Method henna dyes provide color and conditioning and are available in six shades as of 2015; there is also a neutral dye, which only adds shine. These dyes contain only natural ingredients, and most only have henna and indigo. There are also no chemicals, ammonia or metallic salts.

Rainbow Henna is another organic product that contains no chemicals, additives or pesticides. This material coats the shaft of the hair with color, blends naturally and fades over time. Each color lasts up to six weeks, and it seals and smooths the cuticle, which adds more body and shine. There are 12 shades available, as well as a neutral color, which adds shine.

Light Mountain offers two organic natural hair products. The first, the original Light Mountain hair dye, comes in 12 shades, and the other, the Color the Gray line, is available in eight shades. There are no chemicals nor synthetic ingredients, and both of these dyes contain only henna and other natural botanicals. The company also tests every batch to ensure there are no contaminants.

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