How Do You Order Harley-Davidson Rings From Jostens?


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You can order Harley-Davidson rings from Jostens simply by logging onto jostens.com and going to its Harley-Davidson section under the Activities & Interests panel. Each ring offered is custom-made and features several personalization options.

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Jostens offers a plethora of options for both men and women, and once you select a gender the website displays a list of basic rings. Clicking on a ring opens a page consisting of various pictures of the stock ring, as well as a list of basic customization options available to that style of ring. Once you select a base ring, clicking the Customize button opens up the full menu for personalization. All rings are highly customizable, with options such as choosing what metal to make the ring from and what material to make the stone in the center of the ring from.

The left and right sides of the ring are some of the most detailed sections, allowing buyers to feature the exact model of motorcycle they own on the left side, as well as an emblem to appear on the right. Jostens also offers engravings for the band of the ring, with the suggestion of the full name of the ring recipient and the VIN number of his motorcycle for the two lines they offer for this feature.

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