How Do I Get the Orange Out of Bleached Hair?

To remove orange tones from your hair following bleaching, deep condition your hair, bleach it again to lift color and use a cool-toned toner to neutralize the brassy or orange tones.

  1. Condition your hair

    If at all possible, wait several days before applying additional bleaching product to your hair. Deep condition your hair every day in the meantime.

  2. Bleach your hair further

    The orange tone is the result of insufficient color having been lifted from your hair during bleaching. Bleach your hair again until you have achieved a pale yellow color. Make sure the bleaching solution is left on long enough to lift all of the orange.

  3. Use a neutralizing toner

    Visit a beauty supply store and purchase a bluish toner specifically designed to remove orange or brassy tones from your hair. You will also need developer. Seek the advice of beauty supply store staff if you are unsure of the type of toner to purchase.

  4. Proceed with caution

    Over-processed hair is easily broken or further damaged. Wait as long as possible before additional bleaching. If possible, seek the advice of a professional hairstylist or beauty supply store color expert. Do not use a boxed blond color kit to correct orange tones, or you may end up with an even more undesirable color.