Where Do You Find Online Trader Shops for Women's Clothing?

Where Do You Find Online Trader Shops for Women's Clothing?

Swapstyle.com, Rehash.com, DigNSwap.com and thredUP.com are websites on which women can swap their clothing. WalkInMyCloset.com, ThreadFlip.com, TheRealReal.com, Shop-Hers.com and Vaunte.com are examples of online consignment stores.

SwapStyle.com is open to users in the United States, Europe and Australia. As of 2015, using the site is free. Users sign up and post pictures with descriptions of the clothing they want to swap. Users can also list their items for sale. The site also allows users to rate their experience by identifying those who deliver as promised and those who do not.

Rehash is another clothing swap store. After putting up pictures and descriptions of their items, users browse clothing they want. They then put in a bid for the desired clothing, including the items they're willing to swap. When creating a profile, users can specify what types of clothes they want, making bidding easier.

DigNSwap.com is a smaller website, according to WiseBread.com. However, it's swap works similarly to Rehash.com's.

ThredUp.com is run differently. Instead of trying to negotiate swaps themselves, users fill out a form and send in their clothing. During sign-up, users specify for what clothing they are looking. An algorithm matches swaps, and users receive a new bag of clothing. Users pay for the envelopes they use to send their clothing in.

Consignment stores allow users to list their items for sale only. Shoppers can visit the website and purchase items outright rather than attempt a clothing swap.