How Does One Wear a Masonic Ring?

No definitive way in which to wear a Masonic ring has been established, although differences in opinion have been noted among various Masonic Lodges about the best way to wear the ring. The ring is intended to be a seal of authenticity that the wearer is a Master Mason.

It is permissible to wear a Masonic ring on either hand and on any finger, according to the Masonic Lodge of Education. Most married men wear their rings on the hand opposite from the one on which they wear their wedding rings. Some Masons choose to wear their rings on the third finger, while others wear it on their pinky finger.

In response to the question of whether to wear the ring with points of the compass pointing toward or away from the body, the Masonic World website emphasizes that, again, there are differing opinions among Masons. Some say that wearing the ring so that the points of the compass are toward the ground and away from the wearer's eyes is symbolic of humanity's aspirations toward God. Others prefer to wear the ring so that the points are facing the wearer as a reminder of the journey he is on, according to Masonic World.