How Does One Get Rid of a Perm?


A person can get rid of a perm by trying different methods, such as shampooing the hair, using conditioners or oil treatments, cutting the hair, reverse perming or a straightening process. If a person wants to get rid of the perm a day or two after getting it done, then he or she can wash the hair a few times with a clarifying shampoo and apply a conditioner.

If this does not work, then one can try an oil treatment with extra virgin olive oil. A person can apply a half teaspoon of oil to the ends of the hair for a couple of days. This may resolve the problem by loosening the curls. Other home oil treatments are the use of canola or grape seed oil. Another option is to start cutting the permed ends every few weeks until the perm disappears completely.

One can also use either a straightening iron or a blow dryer with a bristle brush and a straightening agent that does not contain chemicals This is an option to get rid of any remaining curls from a perm. However, a final option if these methods do not work is to go to a hair salon and get a reverse perm. A reverse perm involves apply a chemical product to the hair to relax it.