How Does One Make a Pin up Hairstyle?


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One way to make a pin up hairstyle involves sectioning the hair into three parts, and then using items such as gel, spray and a comb to manipulate the hair into the desired fashion. There are numerous pin up styles that can be done, many of them use rolls, bangs and a clean, polished look. These hairstyles can be done on one's own and require only a few basic hair styling accessories. It is important to have fashion hair sprays, combs and other accessories necessary for manipulating the hair into the various styles.

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To construct a vintage, pin up look that incorporates victory rolls, one needs to first clean their hair and then dry and prepare it with a light hold working hair spray. One must then part the hair at the center, dividing each section into three parts, a front, middle and back. After brushing the area smooth, one needs to use a light gel or spray wax, rolling the hair upward from the tip. A donut, clips and comb can be used to control the hair and then make sure it stays in place. Making sure the rolls are symmetrical, a fine comb with spray can smooth out the rolls. One then needs to brush the hair in the back area so it's smooth, and then back comb the interior of the hair from the nape downward. Gathering the ends and bending inward and upward, one can then fashion the style to their liking. A hard-hold, shiny spray will give the hair its hold and pin up-like shine.

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