How Does One Lighten Dark Hair?


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Dark hair can be lightened using bleach or by using a variety of natural methods, including the use of honey and vinegar. The darker the color of hair one has, the stronger the lightening agent needs to be.

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Hair that has been dyed black or extremely dark may be difficult to get back to a lighter color. When the hair has been dyed, the makeup of the structure of the hair changes, and it is difficult to repair to a different color. The easiest way that most stylists will lighten dyed-black hair is to do gradual and non-dramatic highlights through the use of bleach. Stylists may recommended several sessions of highlights until the black is not as noticeable.

Hair that has not been dyed or chemically treated in any way will be much easier to lighten. People wishing to lighten very dark hair can even use a lightening agent such as honey or hydrogen peroxide, which works to pull the lighter colors to the surface of the hair without the detrimental effects that are often caused by bleach. It is important to note that this generally only works on natural hair and hair that is not extremely dark. Finer and thinner hair will respond better to natural lightening methods.

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