How Does One Grow a Mustache?

How Does One Grow a Mustache?

To grow a moustache, let your facial hair grow out and shape it into your desired style. This process requires patience, and every man has different hair growth patterns. Some men's hair grows faster than others, and it may take a few months for your moustache to reach the desired thickness.

  1. Pick a style

    There are many different styles of moustaches, including the handlebar, chevron and pencil. Choose a style that works well with your face shape. Thin moustaches work well with smaller faces, while larger, bushier moustaches complement fuller faces.

  2. Grow a beard first

    Growing a full beard first will help determine what kind of hair growth you have and what you have to work with. Growing a moustache has an awkward beginning stage, and having a beard first makes this transition easier.

  3. Shape and style your moustache

    Proper grooming and maintaining is necessary to keep your moustache looking its best. Regularly trim your moustache for a tidy look. Using a comb is very helpful and can also help you train the hair to fall into the position you want it to. Wax and other products can also be used to shape and style your new look.