How Does One Give a First Haircut to a Baby?

one-give-first-haircut-baby Credit: Rubberball/Nicole Hill/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

When cutting your baby's hair for the first time, there is a fear that it will look ridiculous. However, with a bit of forethought, it can be a fun milestone as the baby gets older.

  1. Time the haircut correctly

    If the baby is tired, grumpy, sick or otherwise distressed, do not try to cut the hair at that time. Instead, wait until the baby is happy and relaxed. Depending on age, you might even be able to cut the hair when the baby is asleep.

  2. Use the correct tools

    Buy a good pair of haircutting scissors. They are not expensive and are much easier and safer to use than regular paper or kitchen scissors. Also, using an electric razor with a safety guard is a good way to remove a lot of length really quickly, although the noise can be scary for some babies. Spray the baby's hair gently with water to make the cutting easier.

  3. Keep the baby still

    Strap the baby into a car seat, booster seat, high chair or similar device. If needed, recruit a family member to hold the baby and keep the head still.

  4. Cut small sections

    Start with short clippings so you do not cut too much all at once. If the baby is too distressed, spread the cutting over a few episodes rather than cutting the whole head at once.

  5. Relax

    Remember that the baby does not care what the hair looks like. If you accidentally cut one section too short or the bangs are crooked, you are the only one likely to care. If you really hate the results, take the baby to a salon and have the professionals clean up your work.

  6. Document the event

    If desired, keep a clipping of the hair for the baby book. If you want photographs, get someone else to take them so you can concentrate on the baby and the scissors.