How Does One Fix Dry Hair?

How Does One Fix Dry Hair?

There are many different options available to fix dry hair, including using different natural home remedies, avoiding harsh chemical hair processes, getting a hair cut and protecting hair from harmful ultraviolet rays. One method to fix dry hair is to use home remedies, such as coconut oil, mayonnaise, essential oil treatments and avocado.

One can use coconut oil to massage the scalp and hair at night. The treatment is left on overnight and then rinsed out in the morning. Another way to get rid of dry hair is to avoid using hair treatments with harsh chemicals that can dry it out, such as perms and hair relaxers. Products with alcohol or silicone also can cause hair to be dry or fried. So, avoiding their use may help.

Because washing one's hair frequently can be another cause for dry hair, a person may want to wash his or her hair every other day. Similarly, frequent use of a hot hair dryer on wet hair can also cause hair to become dry, brittle and dull. So, a person may opt to let his or her hair air dry instead of using this device.

When hair is badly damaged or there is little improvement in the hair's condition after using various methods or treatments, it may be helpful to get the hair cut or trimmed.

The weather, sun, chlorine and saltwater can also adversely affect one's hair, according to WebMD. A way to prevent hair damage in hot weather is to wear a hat or use an SPF hair product when outdoors or at the beach.